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A cross sectional survey to assess the variation in range of body mass index in different doshik prakriti

by: J parvathy Published on01-12-20 05:28 PM
Prakṛti is defined as the physical, physiological and psychological traits of an
individual developed right at the time of conception and it remains unchanged
throughout the lifespan of an individual. In contemporary science body stature can be
assessed based on the range of BMI (body mass index).In Ayurveda Body stature
varies according to prakriti as Vāta prakriti mentioned as krisha, Pitta prakriti
mentioned as Madhyama and Kapha prakriti as Sthūla so the difference in body
stature already mentioned in our classics based on this references, there arises the
curiosity of finding the range of body mass index in different doṣik prakriti.

 300 subjects fulfilling the inclusion, exclusion and health assessment criteria were
selected for this study. Prakṛti assessed by AyuSoft software and among 83
parameters 52 questions related to anatomical characteristic’s selected for the Prakṛti
assessment. After that height and body mass index calculated using MCP Handheld
Ultrasonic Stadiometer and Karada scan and the result analysed statistically. 

Statistical analysis of the data using Anova and Chi-Square test demonstrated
significance for the Prakṛti and Body Mass Index. In 300 subjects, 109 subjects were
kapha pradhāna Pittānubandhi; mean value of BMI is 25.9. 104 subjects were Kapha
pradhāna Vatānubandhi; and 22.6 is the mean value. 15 subjects were Pitta pradhāna
kaphānubandhi; and 23.6 is the mean value and 22.9 is the mean value and 18.5 is the
mean value. 28 subjects were Vāta pradhāna Pittānubandhi; 20.5 is the mean value.
The Prakṛti of a person plays a role in Body mass index and there is significant
variation in the range body mass index in each doṣik Prakṛti. 

Vāta pradhāna dvidoṣaja prakriti person’s body mass index nearer to the range
18.5 and 20.5, Pitta pradhāna dvidoṣaja prakriti person’s Body mass Index nearer to
the range 22.9 and 23.6 and Kapha Pradhāna dvidoṣaja Prakriti person’s Body Mass
Index nearer to the range 22.6 and 25.9.
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