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Effect of Thakradhara in Diabetes

by: ayurdoctor Published on01-06-14 03:53 PM
Effect of thakradgara in Avarana Madhumeha 


Shirodhara is used in psychic disease as well as psychosomatic disease. Before doing Dhara the patient should be well examined and any contra indications should be excluded. Shirodhara should be done in the prescribed time and duration. Specially prepared Takra is used for the Takradhara. Research studies have established that the practice of Shirodhara doing with Jala is called as Jaladhara.

Both experimental and clinical studies have shown that stress could be a forerunner of the metabolic syndrome like DM. Takradhara is told as one of the treatment modality for Prameha and an effective treatment for stress. However no scientific study has been carried out to prove the efficacy of Takradhara in Avrita Madhumeha. Therefore this study is undertaken to evaluate the role of Takradhara in the Avrita Madhumeha.

To evaluate the role of Takradhara in the management of the Avrita Madhumeha
To evaluate the role of control group Jaladhara in the management of Avrita Madhumeha
To compare the results of both the groups


The 20 patients of were divided in to the two groups, each comprising 10 patients. In one group Takradhara was done where as in other Jaladhara with plain water was done. Both therapies were done for 40 minutes per day continuously for 14 days. Assessment of disease was done based on G.T.T. and subjective parameters.


After the course of Takradhara for 14 days Blood glucose levels in GTT shown remarkable reduction (FBS-18.28%; 2nd sample- 14.75%; 3rd sample 16.64%; 4th sample 18.98%; 5th sample 22.8%). In Jaladhara group after 14 days Jaladhara the reduction in blood glucose level was less, (FBS-3.69 %; 2nd sample- 2.41 %; 3rd sample 2.03 %; 4th sample 2.75 %; 5th sample 5.79%) when compared to Takradhara. 
In Jaladhara group there was no significant change on Dryness of mouth and excessive thirst. 


The excessive secretion of cortisol produced by stress causes rise in blood levels of glucose this may be reduced due to the relaxation effect of Takradhara and Jaladhara. There was much reduction in the blood glucose levels in the Takradhara group, which may be due to drug absorption, iontophoresis, and influence of vehicle, drugs used and the area of application. Takradhara group showed significant reduction in the blood glucose levels than the Jaladhara group.


Both the therapies provided significantly different reduction in blood glucose levels. The effect was better in Takradhara group in comparison to Jaladhara group.

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