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An integrated approach in the treatment of varicose ulcer

by ayurdoctor Published on 01-01-14 07:08 PM
Venous ulcers (stasis ulcers, varicose ulcers) are the wounds occurring due to inappropriate functioning of venous valves, usually of the legs. It is one of the most serious chronic venous...
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Secondary Post Partum Haemorrhage

by ayurdoctor Published on 27-11-13 03:56 PM

Secondary Post Partum Haemorrhage

  • 31y Female patient delivered one month back came with complaints...
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Hodgkins Lymphoma

by ayurdoctor Published on 20-11-13 09:56 AM


  • First noticed the swelling 6mts ago insidious in onset, about 1cm in diameter gradually...
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A Case of Secondar Hypertension

by ayurdoctor Published on 14-11-13 03:16 PM

Case Report

  • 50 yrs old lady was referred for e/o uncontrolled hypertension of ~ 1yr.

  • ...
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Charmakila: An effective management by kshara karma

by ayurdoctor Published on 10-11-13 06:38 PM
Epidermal nevi are hamartomas that are characterized by hyperplasia of epidermis and adnexal structures. A case of a 22-year-old woman with a 5-year history of verrucous plaque on the posterior...
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Case study on Raktasthamba, a condition of Vatarakta

by ayurdoctor Published on 05-11-13 11:16 AM
Dr.K.P.Y.Panicker MD (ayu)
Cheruvannoor, Kozhikode
Kerala ,India .

Case description:-

10 year girl with...
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A rare presentation: Cannon ball opacities in ches

by ayurdoctor Published on 31-10-13 03:53 PM
Cannon ball opacities in lungs are usual manifestation of secondary's arising due to extra-thoracic malignancy. We report a rare case of primary lung cancer with presentation of multiple...
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