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A step towards wellness

by: ayurdoctor Published on21-06-19 08:46 PM
Being well is everybody’s wish. An individual's state of wellness can contribute a lot to himself, to his family and to the society as well. In general, an extraordinary effort may not be the demand to achieve the goal of minimum favorable activities. A concrete decision or an initiation to think about the possibilities around us to make use it for the practice to be healthy. Just look around, you can find your space and time for your fitness. A sedentary lifestyle is an adapted one, mostly for the sake of convenience. Naturally, the mind and body do not prefer this lifestyle. That is why the recent rise of the term lifestyle disorders. As the human being is capable to adapt a modification, favorable lifestyle modification to achieve the recommended physical activities can contribute many direct and indirect health benefits. Disciplined physical activities have an incredible role in delaying premature mortality and reducing the risk of many chronic health conditions. Ideally, per week, the target should be at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercises or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise or an equal contribution of both.
An accumulated short bouts of aerobic activities like walking, stair climbing, jogging, etc throughout the day can favorably contribute the weekly minimum demanding physical activities. These can pay a remarkable role in the maintenance of heart and lung health, muscle strength and endurance .Also the fat burning process of the body. For example stair climbing is one of the easy ways to incorporate as an effective add up of physical activity in your daily life. Stairs are common and easily accessible at your residence, workplace even in your travel time. This simple modification in the daily life can even improve the brain function and the mood. 
We have many choices around us , just make use of it , like park your car away from your destination and walk to and fro ,  walk while watching TV, walk in a safe place while on the mobile. Don’t forget, missing each chance to walk at your home, workplace and in the shopping mall are the missing opportunities to contribute to your fitness. Here as a wise living being, you are scoring without sparing extra time and money. Just look around, you can find the step towards fitness.

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