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Name: Tamara Demming
Designation: Job Seeker
Specialisation: Other
Language Spoken: English, Dutch, German, French
Qualification : - Ayurveda Pancha Karma therapist, Advanced Kalari feet massage, Pregnancy & baby care and massage, School of Ayurveda & Pancha karma, Kerala India, diploma’s 2010
- Beautician-skin care therapy, KOC the Netherlands, diploma 2010.
- Intensive Ayurveda Therapy, Institute for Alternative and Ayurvedic Medicine, diploma 2006, Sri Lanka.
- Yoga Teacher, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, 2004, Austria.
- Reiki I , Reiki II and Reiki Master III A + B, 2002.
- Eastern Medicines: TCM and Ayurveda, SORAG-Academy, diploma 2001,Netherlands.
- Aromatherapy at CIVAS, diploma 1999, Netherlands.
- Aerobic-A and AFAA Step-certified 1998, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America.
- Oxford English language 1993.
- Middle Professional Education-Tourism; Ecole Internationale TUNON d' hostesse diploma 1993, Netherlands.
- Administrative Education, diploma 1989, Netherlands.
Experience : 20 years
Address: Palanpur Patia
Telephone: 0000000000
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