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Dr Sumith Rajapura

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: Dr Sumith Rajapura

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About Me

I could found 300 years ago an Ola leaf manuscript belongs to my forefathers. There were many treatments for few diseases. Among them I prepared one treatment for asthma and practiced. Fortunately it was successful. I practiced it for 7 years and have treated more than 20000 patients. According to WHO publications there is no proper treatment for asthma to get completely cured. But the treatment which I was found is challengeable. Our Asthma medicine is made with full of herbal materials with bee honey. This formula is belongs to 22 generations back who had practiced by my forefathers and has stopped for more than 200 years. It was in Ola manuscript. And I have been practiced for 14 years now. I started this treatment in 2002 just after the completion of my collage education with having a Diploma in Ayurveda and registered under the Reg, No 11364 in Ayurveda medical council in the Department of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.


Special features of our Treatment In Sri Lanka this Asthma treatment ( with Swasaraja Kalka) and Gastritis treatment ( with Panchabala Amurtha Panaya) also undergone only by Rajapura Ayurveda Medical technicians founded by us three hundred years back by our ancestors. From this treatment the disease is completely cured and will not crop up again, in your life time. From our treatment the breathing difficulty is cured to 100% and the cough scratching of eyes and ears and all other ailments will be cured definitely. After the disease is cured the patient can live his usual normal food and bathing as usual. After the sickness is cured completely, it will never crop up the disease again and from the medicines given no any after effects come up, because we treat the patients with 100% natural herbal treatment. Any one who willing to contact us and do research or get medicine is welcome. (Can be treat only after examine the patient condition and under doctors instruction )


New Shoping Complex,
Parliament Road, Pelawatta, Battramulla,
Sri Lanka
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