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Health with Ayurveda – Free Spreckels Center Lecture

by ayurdoctor Published on 04-01-20 12:52 AM
On Wednesday, January 22, at 2:30 p.m., the City of Coronado’s John D. Spreckels Center will be having a lecture on, “Health with Ayurveda” in partnership with the Chopra Center for...
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Why Ayurvedic Eating Principles Might Make For The Perfect 2020 Reset

by ayurdoctor Published on 04-01-20 12:48 AM
You've probably heard the term "Ayurveda" tossed around, especially in the context of food. As it turns out, this year, you may want to consider this buzzy (albeit, ancient) approach if you're...
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Choose the right workout, as per your dosha (Ayurvedic mind-body type)

by ayurdoctor Published on 26-12-19 03:05 PM
We all are well aware of the fact that exercising is good for our body, mind and soul. Ideally, a person should exercise for 30 minutes every day to stay healthy and fit. But when there are...
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An agreements have been signed between India and Germany in the field of ayurveda and yoga

by ayurdoctor Published on 24-12-19 12:36 AM
India and Germany sign 17 MoUs, five joint declarations of intent exchanged

NEW DELHI: Seventeen agreements have been signed between India and Germany in the fields of...
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by ayurdoctor Published on 24-12-19 12:23 AM
It’s probably not news to you that scarfing down your food while multitasking (finishing emails, driving, walking home from the gym…) isn’t exactly the greatest for your digestive tract....
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