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How Bengaluru-based AyurUniverse is working to put Ayurveda destinations on the global wellness map

by ayurdoctor Published on 22-04-19 12:23 AM
In a world where stress and lifestyle diseases rule, wellness matters. Almost everyone around the world wants to be in this “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”, and...
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How a health scare led this IIT alumnus to launch an Ayurveda-based preventive care startup

by ayurdoctor Published on 22-04-19 12:18 AM
Serial entrepreneur and IIT-Bombay alumnus Aadil Shah began with an edtech startup and has now moved to preventive healthcare. His new startup AADAR wants to help millennials keep lifestyle...
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World Health Day 2019: The emergence of ayurveda

by ayurdoctor Published on 22-04-19 12:13 AM
World Health Day 2019: After a very long time, ayurveda has regained ground, core medicine sales have jumped from 6000 crores in 2007 to 19000 Crores in 2017. By 2022 the ayurvedic healthcare...
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What the Indian state known as 'God's own country' can teach us about eating to our health

by ayurdoctor Published on 22-04-19 12:09 AM
As an Indian kid growing up in the States, my parents did everything they could to create a little feeling of their ancestral land in our small Midwestern town. There was always classical Indian...
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Rediscover Ayurveda with new skin care products range of neoVeda by Craft House

by ayurdoctor Published on 22-04-19 12:03 AM
Ever wanted a product developed with century-old ayurveda knowledge to give you a beautiful glow, healthy skin and luscious hair, in the comfort of your home? So get, set, glow with all new...
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