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Hypoplastic uterus and ovaries
My sister is 16 yrs old and she is having primary amenorrhoea. We consulted a gynaecologist and she was given a progesterone challenge test which was negative.Blood test and USG was done. FSH was...
Posted by Nisma
Published on 22-04-17 02:22 PM
1 Latest reply by

06-05-17 03:10 AM
Herbal treatment for sexual weakness, obesity, hair fall, skin problems, joint problems and all other problems shares the millennia of ayurvedic experience of effectively treating many common and not so common ailments. Our efforts are directed for sensible approach to the simple...
Posted by Vipul Sharma
Published on 28-11-16 01:01 PM
Hello, I am Prakash from pune, I am Massage therapist. I have a patient, with Cellulitis on right leg. Can anyone suggest me any remedy for it?  cellulitis patch is around tibia bone, the...
Posted by Prakash Kulkarni
Published on 01-07-16 02:24 PM
Kanchanara guggulu is good for hypothyroidism
Whether tab.kanchanara guggulu is good for hypothyroidism 
Posted by Dr.Anu Eldhose
Published on 08-04-16 10:35 PM
Premature ejaculation & ED
Best ayurvedic approach against ED and Premature ejaculation
Posted by Dr. Vinod Kalathil
Published on 29-12-14 10:08 AM
Astigmatism - 3yr old son
Recently, i took my 3yr old son for an eye checkup (in Abu Dhabi)as he had slight squint with right eye. The Doctor diagonised him and mentioned that his power is...
Posted by RAJITH
Published on 11-11-14 03:43 PM
How to remove dandruff completely?
How to remove dandruff completely?

Posted by sivaprasad
Published on 29-10-14 02:39 PM
Hyper pigmentation on face
Patient has allergy for internal medicines and dry skin in nature.
I have tired Navarakizhili. On third day of the treatment rashses found on face and neck. which treatment best suit this...
Posted by Dr. Shwetha Yashwanth
Published on 09-06-14 06:10 PM
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