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Yoga health body mind

by: Ajithkumar Published on26-11-15 01:32 PM
Yoga exercises consists of asanas(poses),Mudras(postures which produce
currents in the body)and Pranayama(breath control).Together,they tone up
the body by supplying the bodily organs with plenty of fresh
blood,rejuvenating the ductless glands and other important internal
parts,regulating the rhythm of breathing and soothing the nerves.All
these help prolong life.If we add meditation to these three,it will
increase our power of concentration.

Yoga has come to be recognized as a
scientific culture for physical and mental development.It is meant not
only for seekers of spiritual knowledge but also for those who want to
lead a healthy and intelligent life.

These are simple asanas which can be
practiced  by all simply.They bring lightness of
limbs,agility,balance,vitality and endurance.

these asanas build up those parts which
are hidden inside the body,like the ductless
glands(thyroid,pituitary,adrenals,etc),the viscera in the abdomen and
most important of all,the nervous system and the brain.They reduce
fatigue,soothe the nerves and discipline the mind.

Most other physical exercises ignore
these vital organs.Yoga asanas,without straining the heart,tone up the
muscles and nerves,give them fresh blood supply,harmonise breathing and
improve mental power.Says Sage Patanjali in his “Yoga Sutra”:”The Yogic
methods of controlling the vital breath(Pranayama)and steady
pose(asana)are intimately connected with the mind”.

As Yoga asanas keep these important
parts and organs of the body healthy,diseases do not afflict it,and so
we grow old less fast.Yoga attacks the root causes of diseases which
result in old age and death.The curative values of Yoga asanas,based as
they are on scientific observations,are vast,varied and wonderful

For example,obesity,the root cause of
many illnesses of today,is removed and the body made trim and
fit.Again,even the so-called difficult diseases like high blood
pressure,diabetes,epilepsy,social diseases,etc.,can be tackled by a
regular practice of asanas.To a practitioner  of Yoga
asanas,colds,constipation,headaches,tiredness and other common ailments
will be unknown.

But unlike the allopathic system of
medicine,in which you can swallow a pill and perhaps feel the headache
vanish(though you may later acquire some side -effects),Yoga asanas
cannot be expected to effect any instant cures in twenty-four hours.What
is required is patience and perseverance.If you suffer from
diseases,but Yoga asanas are sure to bring about the magic cure which
the most modern medicines despair of.

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